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Weight Loss Diet to Pregnancy

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Today’s post is really about how I switched my diet over when I discovered that I was pregnant. If you saw the diet plan that I was following at the time, you would probably notice that it was fairly restrictive, but as someone that battled with an eating disorder, making big changes quickly isn’t always easy. I’m going to go over the change, list some resources, and give you an idea of what I’m eating now!

The first thing is to take into account that I have a desk job. If I am not exercising that day, my caloric requirements are still reasonably low. While I should not be restricting anymore, I also don’t need to increase my intake much, especially during the first trimester.

I used a calculator that I found online to give me an idea of how much I needed to add to my diet. It has options to include the basic information; age, weight, height and activity level, as well as an advanced formula that allows you to input your body fat percentage to give you a more accurate result.
I only need about 1600 calories a day during my first trimester. This goes up to 1800 per day in the second trimester, and 2000 in the third.

So what does this look like?
I’m still aiming for 5-6 smaller meals per day. Not a lot has changed there. Mostly what I’m doing is increasing my portion sizes a bit and adding in a few more healthy snacks.

I’ve switched my skim milk hot chocolate for a mango pineapple smoothie. The large size has 340 calories (and wayyy too much sugar) but at least I’ve managed to cut the dairy out there.

My morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack are essentially the same, although I will often add a banana and a bit of peanut butter if I get hungry.

The biggest change for me was dinner, as I had gotten in the habit of eating primarily konjac noodles. This is also the hardest meal to describe in a nutshell like I have been because it changes a lot now. I essentially eat what my boyfriend eats, but I recently picked up an electronic hotpot, so I’ve been trying to make primarily rice noodle and veggie based soups. Sometimes I’ll eat meat, sometimes he will just add it to his own serving.

 What do you eat in a day? This is still a healthy diet that could even be used for weight loss if you’re active enough. Do you want to see some vegan hotpot recipes? Let me know in a comment or by tagging me on social media!


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