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Tummy Trimmer Denim Review

If you’ve been following my pregnancy updates, you may have noticed that I have had nothing but positive things to say about Tummy Trimmer Denim. While they are not maternity wear, they have been a lifesaver during the intermediate stage when my regular clothes weren’t fitting, but I didn’t really need (or want) proper maternity clothes. I only have one pair right now, that’s enough for now. After I give birth and lose a bit of weight, I definitely will be purchasing a couple more pairs.

Tummy Trimmer Denim 1503 Straight LegLooking at these jeans, at first glance they really do look like maternity pants. The panel goes from the hips to the ribcage, but unlike maternity jeans, the panel is not so stretchy; it’s shapewear.

The thing with a lot of maternity pants is that the panel is supposed to stretch quite a bit. This means that it’s often a little bit loose in the beginning.
This is especially challenging for women with smaller frames; the option becomes tights or a panel that can look bulky.
Leggings or tights can be a great option, but they often sit around the smallest part of the waist, which can exaggerate the look of bloating or weight gain. Maternity pants are also a good option unless the panel is too loose, preventing a smooth look under a t-shirt.

Basically, I have been living in Tummy Trimmer Denim since I was around 10 weeks pregnant. They are the only pants that I can comfortably wear. I’ll probably be able to wear them until I’m around 6 months before I will have to switch to proper maternity pants, which is perfect. They are at least a size too large for me now, so the compression isn’t too much, and since I still had some extra weight around my core when I became pregnant, they’ve managed to keep me smooth looking, preventing the “is she fat or is she pregnant” look.

While Tummy Trimmer Denim used to be carried at Nordstrom, it appears that they are only available now on, and on their website I highly recommend you check them out, and if I find them for sale anywhere else, I will update here to let you know!

Do you wear shapewear? What are your favourite jeans? Let me know in the comments or tag me on social media! I’d love to hear from you!


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