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February Top 5

I fell behind over the last few days because I have had a miserable cold. I managed to get my Monday and Tuesday posts up essentially because they’re easy, but then I slept as much as I could until Thursday morning when I had to get back to work. Fortunate;y, I’m well enough today to …

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Lovely Spring 2017 Fashion Trends

I love winter, nd I’m definitely not one to complain about the weather, but that doesn’t stop me from getting excited about the next season’s fashion! I feel like the upcoming season is always my “favourite”; when it’s winter, I love spring and when it’s summer I love fall. But I’m especially loving how fresh …

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January Top 5

As always, it’s time for my monthly “favourites” post. If you’re new, I usually highlight one fashion item, one skincare, one makeup product, one book/media item and one blog/YouTube channel. This is what I was crazy about in January!

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Coach Flat Cardholder Review

My Christmas gift to myself this year was a Coach cardholder. I already have a larger wallet that I picked up on Black Friday that I use for my rewards cards and things I don’t need on a regular basis, but I wanted something compact for the things that I use the most, like my …

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What I’m Wearing to Christmas Dinner

Happy Friday! I scheduled a little holiday post for tomorrow and yesterday was more of a ‘get to know me’ post, so this is another complete look post with a bit of makeup as well as some fashion. I’m doing a metallic gold look on my eyes, and I decided to pair it with a …

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Winter 2016/17 Fashion Must Haves

Winter is upon us and it may be time to do a little bit of updating. Here are my top 10 winter fashion must-haves for the 2016/17 season.

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A Holiday Party Look

I had my work Christmas party last week, and I was really pleased with the way everything looked, so I wanted to share. As I mentioned in my wishlist post, the dress was chosen on the ‘recommendation’ of a local-to-me beauty blogger Elle Florence and can be purchased at Nordstrom.