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February Top 5

I fell behind over the last few days because I have had a miserable cold. I managed to get my Monday and Tuesday posts up essentially because they’re easy, but then I slept as much as I could until Thursday morning when I had to get back to work. Fortunate;y, I’m well enough today to …

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January Top 5

As always, it’s time for my monthly “favourites” post. If you’re new, I usually highlight one fashion item, one skincare, one makeup product, one book/media item and one blog/YouTube channel. This is what I was crazy about in January!

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My Winter Evening Skincare Routine

I have struggled with skincare for a long time. When I was in my teens, I was really lucky to have amazing skin. And when I say amazing, I don’t mean that it was perfect, but it barely required any work at all. If I skipped on washing it for a few days, nothing would …

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Wishtrend Haul!

I got a package from Wishtrend a little while ago. I decided not to haul it right away so that I could test a few of the products out, and I was not disappointed! I haven’t had them long enough to give a proper review, but if here is anything you’re curious about, please let …

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TonyMoly ~Magic Food Banana~ Review

Winter has been really tough on my skin. I have fairly dry skin to begin with, but this winter has been colder than usual. This combined with the fact that I’m only just trying to get serious with my skincare now means that my skin has not been happy for the last month or so.

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The Clarisonic Changed My Life

About a month ago I finally picked up a Clarisonic. This has been something I’ve wanted for years, but because of the price I never purchased. A friend of mine decided it was time to upgrade hers and offered me the old one, so you can guess I didn’t say no! I I got myself …

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November Top 5

I thought it would be fun to do something like a favourites post. They’re big on YouTube, but since I don’t have a proper video camera yet, I’ll blog about it instead! To keep things interesting, I’ll do one fashion item, one skincare, one makeup product, one book/media item and one blog/YouTube channel.

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DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review

I have pretty dry skin and had been interested in trying an oil cleanser again but hadn’t gotten around to it simply because I wanted to use up some of the products that I already have. But… As seems to be the case, I was browsing through my local supermarket and I saw it. And it …

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10 Fun Beauty Finds Under $15

Ten fun beauty finds, all under $15

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Banila Co. it Radiant CC Cushion Review

I was lucky enough to find the Banila co. it Radiant CC Cushion in the limited edition ‘Seoul Colors’ packaging at my local supermarket. It was the last one in the special packaging and it was in a shade that I thought would probably suit me… so I grabbed it.