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28 Week Pregnancy Update

28 Weeks Pregnant

We are officially (by everyone’s count) in the third trimester!! One of my apps says it was last week, but the overall consensus is that 28 weeks pregnant is the magic number. I’m starting to get more organised, buying the few things that I don’t have anymore and just overall trying to get totally ready. I …


27 Week Pregnancy Update

27 Weeks PRegnant

I’m 27 weeks pregnant and feeling quite a bit better than I did last week for sure. Things have started settling a bit and it’s looking like money isn’t going to be quite so tight. This is all a big weight off of my shoulders. Baby is moving around more than ever, I’m trying not …


26 Week Pregnancy Update

26 Weeks Pregnant

June is here and I’m 26 weeks pregnant now. I’ve been feeling a bit more tired this past week, but overall my stress levels aren’t as bad as they have been. I guess that means that things are going better. I have so many appointments coming up it’s crazy, but I’m almost at the point …


25 Week Pregnancy Update

25 Weeks Pregnant

I can’t remember if it’s at 25 weeks pregnant exactly, but we have reached the point of “viability”! While I am in no way concerned about preterm labour at this point, it is something that will start to concern me in the near future. In case you didn’t know, my first son was born at …


24 Week Pregnancy Update

24 Weeks Pregnant

24 weeks pregnant and we’re having a… BOY! We already have a little boy at home, and he had decided that he was having a baby sister, so he’s still a bit confused. I’m not going to lie, I wanted a little girl this time around, too. Still, we are more than happy to know …


23 Week Pregnancy Update

23 weeks pregnant

23 weeks pregnant! Suddenly everything feels like it’s slowing down. I think because I’ve been waiting for so long to find out what we’re having, and I still don’t know yet! We have our 23-week appointment tomorrow, I’m so excited! How far along? 23 weeks 1 day How big is Baby?  30 cm / 500 …


22 Week Pregnancy Update

22 Weeks Pregnant

Whoo! 22 weeks pregnant already. Time is flying by faster than I thought possible. I can’t believe we’re already in May. If this baby is as excited to come into the world as my last one, we could be having a baby in 13 weeks! That only takes us to late July! It’s actually been …


21 Week Pregnancy Update

21 weeks pregnant! Sometimes I can barely believe it! I know I’ve still got a way to go, but time has gone by so fast. If it wasn’t for the constant trips to the bathroom and the kicking, I might not really believe it. Overall I’ve felt so “normal” over the last few weeks. This …

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16 Week Pregnancy Update

We’re four months along this week! 16 weeks pregnant! Yay! I’m still slowly getting back to normal, but it’s definitely taking some time. My most recent nightmare… bacterial vaginosis (a lovely side effect of the antibiotics that I took recently). How far along? 16 weeks, 1 day How big is Baby? 12 cm / 99 g …

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15 Week Pregnancy Update

15 weeks pregnant and I’m finally FINALLY feeling better! I was in the hospital last Sunday for most of the afternoon and evening, and it turns out that my misery was caused by a massive sinus infection. It took me a good part of the week on antibiotics to get better, but I feel a million …