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Shaving my Face?

Shaving my Face

It’s common enough for men to shave their faces, but what about women? While I don’t do it all the time, I really enjoy shaving my face from time to time. Not only does my makeup go on super smoothly afterwards, I love that it provides deep exfoliation. It is actually very similar to dermaplaning, which is a procedure done by a dermatologist. Just as you can’t do real microdermabrasion at home, this is also slightly different, but the effects are pleasantly similar.

When I go about shaving my face, I do not use a regular razor. What I use are basically miniature straight razors. You can get them with a protective guard on them so that you don’t cut yourself, but I find they’re not as sharp. I do recommend them 100% for beginners, though, as I have cut my face more than once while doing this. With guard ( I can’t seem to find any online without the guard but if I do find some, I will update this!

Now that you have your little razor, what do we do with it? The process itself is pretty simple. I start with a clean and dry face. Nothing on it. Being careful of my eyebrows, since we probably don’t want to shave them off (I made that mistake once, trust me), hold the blade at a 45° angle to your face and start shaving. You will most likely go over the same area a couple of times, and you will see lots coming off. A combination of ultra-fine hairs and dead skin! Take your time, while this process should only take a few minutes, it’s not worth rushing.

Once you’re finished, you may find that your skin is a bit red and irritated. Calm it down with a gentle serum and/or moisturiser. Anything you apply right now will be absorbed really well since your pores are open and your skin is freshly (and deeply) exfoliated. You should notice that your skin is super soft, and your makeup will go on so smoothly now.

I don’t do this too often, maybe once every two weeks. Any more frequently probably isn’t the best for your skin.

Do you shave your face? Or are you thinking about giving it a try? I’d love to know your thoughts! Let me know in the comments or tag me on social media!


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