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Samantha Vega x Sailor Moon

Samantha Vega Sailor Moon Fake Luna Backpack

I made a little mistake not too long ago, and I bought a backpack on eBay. The limited edition Luna backpack from the Isetan X Sailor Moon 20th anniversary collection. Now, I know there are a TON of fakes, but I thought I had done enough research. I obviously avoided the really cheap deals, because those are ALL fake, and I paid way too much money for this bag. Samantha Vega isn’t cheap to begin with; the retail price was 30,240 yen. Combine that with a coveted limited edition run of something like Sailor Moon, and the fact that they were released last year… I was okay with the price, don’t get me wrong. I just assumed that I was paying all that money for the real thing.

It wound up being fake.

Not only was I heartbroken, I had to deal with getting my money back from the eBay seller. Learn from my mistake! Even though I did my best, always do your research. While eBay will side with you if you can prove the item is fake, it’s a bit more difficult when I had no real way to authenticate this particular bag. In the end, I won out, and the seller accepted the return. In this case, they had the option to request that I return the bag, but they let me keep it. I’m assuming because they always knew it was fake, and it wasn’t worth the money for them to pay for the return.

So now I have this backpack, and I’m not sure what to do with it. It would never pass as authentic, and I don’t plan on telling anyone it is, but I’m thinking I might use it anyways. It’s faux leather, but so is the authentic, and it holds its shape quite well. Overall it’s a really cute backpack, and I don’t know when I will have the chance to purchase an authentic one. Being in Canada, I can’t buy anything from auctions on Yahoo Japan. I also haven’t even found another listing for an authentic bag. (There are a few bags from the Sailor Moon collaboration, just not the ones that I want). I’m also a little bit nervous that I’ll wind up with another fake. It’s just not very common over here.

I can’t help feeling a bit guilty, though. Does this make me a bad person? Would you judge me if you knew I was carrying a fake? I guess that’s my main concern in this scenario.

Have you ever had any problems buying online or on eBay? What would you do in my situation? Keep it or trash it? Tell me your story in the comments or tag me on social media! And in case anyone is curious about the collection and what was available, you can take a peek HERE.


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