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Rice Cooker (Not)Chipotle Cilantro-Lime Rice

Recently I have been obsessed with Chipotle. I could literally eat it every day.  Unfortunately, this is not only expensive, but the portion sizes are much more than I need and I wind up overeating without even thinking about it. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing my favourite recipes so that you can make your own Chipotle-inspired bowls (or salads or burritos) at home!

Today We’ll make some cilantro-lime rice. Not only is this a simple recipe, I like to make it in the rice cooker, so it’s even easier. I’m using the “three-cup” portion on my rice cooker, and each of these cups is roughly 2/3 of a metric cup. (so I essentially use two cups of dry rice, but follow the directions on your rice cooker if you use one)

What you need:

  • long grain white rice & water as required by the rice cooker
  • three tablespoons of butter or oil
  • one or two bay leaves
  • three to four tablespoons of lime juice (two limes)
  • two teaspoons of salt
  • three tablespoons (or more) minced cilantro

Before you start, here’s the optional (but totally worth it) extra step. Toasting the rice! But… you still need to rinse the rice first.

  1. Rinse the rice under running water until it comes off clear. The extra starch is what will make your rice super sticky, so get it all off.
  2. (optional) Heat the rice in a frying pan until it’s dry, then add your butter or oil and keep on toasting until the rice starts picking up a slight golden colour.
  3. Cook up your rice in the rice cooker with the bay leaves.
  4. While that’s cooking mix up your lime juice, salt and cilantro.
  5. Once your rice is cooked, remove the bay leaves, fluff it all up with a fork and add your lime mix.
    You’re done!

Try it out, what do you think? How much do you love Chipotle? Leave me any requests in the comments or tag me on social media. I’ll be doing beans next. From canned, but also from dried!


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