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March Top 5

Hello, April! I can’t believe how fast this year is going by! It seems like I put my last post up a couple of days ago. Part of the reason for this, I think is probably how sick I was. I didn’t get to experiment with as many new things, and I didn’t take quite as good care of my skin and makeup like I normally would, so I don’t know just how exciting this post is going to be, but I’ll do my best. Here are my March top 5.

1503_TTD_Straight1. Tummy Trimmer Denim

If you’re tired of hearing me talk about these jeans… I’m sorry, but I’m really not. These are the best jeans that I have worn in a long time. I wound up finding a pair second hand when I was a couple of months into my pregnancy, and they have literally saved my sanity. That awful feeling when nothing fits, but you’re not really big enough to feel like you merit maternity clothing… There is nothing better than these jeans. They hold you in nicely but are forgiving enough to be perfectly comfortable, even with a bit of a baby belly going on.
(bonus, the compression helped me a bit with some round ligament pain!)          Tummy Trimmer Denim

Neogence-N3-Q10-Rejuvenating-Mask.jpg2. Neogence N3 Sheet Masks

A lot of the time when we are sick, we neglect some things, like skincare Or at least, I do. As I wasn’t wearing makeup, I definitely wasn’t spending as much time taking care of my skin than I would have liked. And it suffered.
Neogence N3 Ceramide Moisturizing MaskI picked up two boxes of these Neogence sheet masks from my local supermarket, and they were a big help when it came to helping my skin recover from all the neglect. The blue one is the Ceramide Hydrating mask, which was my favourite of the two, but the red Q10 Rejuvenating Mask is also really lovely. I always have some of these around
They are super affordable at T&T if you are in the Greater Vancouver area, but unfortunately not available on Amazon. I’ll let you know if I find it in any good online stores.

mochi-bb-cushion-klairs3. dear Klairs Mochi BB Cushion

I hauled this back in January, and I did a full blog post review last month. I have literally nothing but good things to say about this cushion. It’s a really nice formula that’s not too matte but also not too glowy. It doesn’t settle much into my fine lines, and even though it only comes in the one shade, it seems to fit perfectly!
As a bonus, the refill system is incredible -it comes in a two-pack, it’s really affordable and absolute minimal waste.

Wishtrend          Refill Kit

Kuromukuro4. Kuromukuro (Netflix)

What did I do for weeks on end while I laid in bed?
To be fair, I pretty much slept as much as possible, but when I couldn’t be doing that… TV became a bit of a best friend to me.
I started this show with pretty low expectations, and I’m pretty sure my fiancee was the same way. But we both really enjoyed it. While it’s not strikingly different from all the others, the storyline is fun and interesting, and tends to grow on you a bit more every time you watch it. The seasons were pretty short, so we managed to get through both of them within a week or two.
If you’re looking for something to watch (even if this isn’t the thing you’d normally go for) I totally suggest giving it a chance. You might like it!

Anna Christine.JPG5. Anna Christine

I have followed this girl on Instagram since early 2016 (maybe even late 2015 when I started mine) and love her feed. She recently started a YouTube channel as well, which is even better!
She’s Australian but sends quite a bit of time abroad in China, and Korea, so her videos always have something interesting to see. Plus, she’s super cute and has a really great sense of style, so if you’re into Asian fashion at all, she makes some fun lookbooks that you may enjoy.
Also, while she hasn’t done many (yet, I hope), she also has a video or two about language-learning up on her channel, which I think are really cool if you’re interested in learning Mandarin Chinese.

YouTube          Instagram

I feel better already. I’m liking how this year is going so far. What do you think? What are your top 5 right now? Let me know in a comment or tag me on social media!


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