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Getting Microbladed

Quite a few months ago now, I had my first appointment to get my eyebrows microbladed. Today we are going to discuss the procedure and results. We will also touch on the fact that I did this while pregnant. DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating that you get any form of tattoo or permanent makeup while pregnant. I did this only after discussing it with a healthcare professional and taking my health and medical history into account.

I booked the appointment back in January before I knew that I was pregnant. My first appointment was at the beginning of March. I had secured a really good deal and had already paid my deposit by the time I found out that we were expecting. This means that I had two options. I could cancel, lose my deposit and the discounted price, or I could go ahead with the procedure.
Again, to be clear. If my doctor told me that it was unsafe, I would never have gone through with this.

Before and after MicrobladedThe top photo shows one eyebrow in particular when I went in for my initial appointment. This one happens to be my “bad” brow. As you can see, it didn’t have much shape, and it flattens out towards the tail. My other brow is better but still a little shapeless.

The bottom picture is my freshly microbladed brows. Keep in mind, they fade quite a bit, which is unfortunate. I think that if they had stayed exactly like this they would have been perfect! We used a light brown shade, which was just too light in the end. Even if I do go back to blonde, I don’t think I mind having slightly darker brows. They just suit me best.

I was there for a total of about three hours, which may seem like a long time for such a tiny tattoo! Realistically, though, it’s not unreasonable. We had to measure and shape my “new” brows so that they were perfectly symmetrical. Then we had to wait for the numbing cream to work, which I believe takes around 15 minutes. Once that’s done, the hairs are drawn on, one at a time. It wasn’t too painful at first, although as with any tattoo, it does get more painful as you go.

They stay tender for a day or two, but nothing too painful. I actually went on a date the same evening! The initial healing process took a few weeks. I think it took about three weeks for all of the scabs to fall off. The aftercare was pretty easy, though. Just keep them hydrated with coconut oil and don’t pick at them. You also have to keep them mostly dry for two weeks.

It took a bit longer than it should have, but I got back in for my touch up around 8 weeks later. I didn’t keep a photo of my bare brows, unfortunately, but they faded so much that I was filling them in just like before. The top photo here is a (very bad) attempt at quickly filling them in, and as you can see, the shape is a little bit off.

The bottom photo is after my touch up. We went for a darker brown this time, and we also chose a slightly thicker shape. While I do prefer thinner brows on my face, she said that a slightly thicker shape will heal closer to what I want. Something about how they fade. I wasn’t as in love with them this time around, that’s for sure. They felt quite dark and heavy on my face. The healing process made them much better, though. In the end, I am happy with how they turned out.

The healing process was pretty much the same as the first time around. The appointment took about half the time because the shape for my brows was already there, but it was so much more painful! Maybe from the scar tissue? I even took the second application of anaesthetic this time!

img_3423This last photo here is of my final results! I have not filled in my brows at all and they look alright! It’s nice to not have to worry so much about having to fill in my weird brows! The colour softened up a lot, and the shape is back to the thinner look that I prefer. Overall, they’re a little bit uneven still, and I’m just not super thrilled. I could go back for a second touch-up, but I think I’m going to pass and just save up my money to go see someone with more experience. To be fair, I don’t hate them, they’re just not quite what I was expecting. My girl was fairly new to her trade, and while her work looked beautiful initially, I think she may need a bit more experience. These are just my feelings on how they turned out for me.

Overall, though, I am so glad that I chose to get my brows microbladed! Have you ever tried any form of permanent makeup? What are your thoughts on getting your eyebrows microbladed? Or eyeliner, or lipstick, I’m considering them all! Leave me a comment or tag me on social media.


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