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Fitbit Alta Review

If you’ve followed me for a while, then you’ll know it’s no secret that I love my fitness trackers. I’ve tested quite a few of them, and I currently have one review on one of the trackers from the Fossil Q line. There will also be a review on the Jawbone Up3 soon. Today’s review is for my favourite brand (although still perhaps not the perfect tracker) which is Fitbit. The tracker I will be talking about in particular is the Fitbit Alta, however, I have also used the One, Flex and Charge, so if you are curious any of those, please let me know!


I find it somewhat difficult to find a really good fitness tracker, that also has an app that I really enjoy using, that also looks cute. I don’t really know why this is so difficult, as I think by now a lot of these brands must realise that there is a market for them, but this is something I still struggle with. Fitbit is no exception. Unless you want to go the customizing route, the trackers look relatively plain and “watch-like”.

You can eaily changed up the Fitbit Alta’s straps, but the pebble itself is a bit blocky. It’s not the worst, but it’s not my favourite, either. I’ve tried a few different straps, but 1. I have a really hard time justifying the price for the original ones, and 2. I couldn’t find a cheap strap that was as comfortable while still looking cute.

That being said, aside from the Flex2 (which doesn’t have a display), this is the sleekest and narrowest tracker that Fitbit offers, and it does look relatively like a slim watch.


Setup is extremely easy. Just make sure you have a charge and follow the prompts in the app. It takes just a couple of minutes and you’re ready to go. It gives you the options to change or select your watch face, shows you some quick pointers and you’re done.

This particular model doesn’t track heart rate (although the new Fitbit Alta HR does) or stairs climbed. When I purchased the tracker, the heart rate option wasn’t available, so I’m okay with that, but I really miss the stair tracking feature that I had on the One and the Charge.

As far as construction goes, they have definitely had their misses. While they seem to be doing better now with the addition of removable/customizable straps, there was a time where these trackers seemed to break somewhat frequently (Fitbit Charge). To be fair, though, Fitbit’s customer service is absolutely a shining example of what customer service should be. I have had replacements sent for the Charge, an Alta, as well as the Aria, which is their scale. No questions asked; I explained the situation, they verified it on my account and they sent out replacements within a week.


This is where Fitbit shines. Fitness trackers are pretty much all they do, and it shows. The technology is advanced and always consistent. Of all the trackers that I have had (while there have been problems), I have never worried about them being inaccurate. They always seem to work beautifully.

Fitbit App

Another thing that I love about Fitbit is the app. It is the only app that I have really liked from a fitness tracker. I pretty much hated the Fossil Q app, and I really don’t particularly enjoy the Jawbone app either. The Fitbit app is clear and easy to find information at a glance. The only major flaw that I see with the Fitbit app is in the food log area. It’s a bit limited in what is in the database, and while you can add things to your own custom library, there’s no way for the community to build something more comprehensive

I also like the social aspect, in that you can challenge your friends. What’s really nice about the Fitbit app, though, is that there are also solo challenges that take you through real world walks. While it’s obviously not the same thing, it gives you a bit more motivation to walk a bit farther every day.

Final Thoughts

You won’t go wrong with a Fitbit. There are so many different options at this point with lots of different features to choose from as well as price points. The Fitbit Alta, in particular, is a nice unisex band that is still slim enough to fit nicely on a smaller wrist.

It is available from online:

Do use a fitness tracker? What do you use? If you want to add me as a friend on Fitbit, my profile is HERE. What do you use to keep you motivated? Let me know in the comments or tag me on social media!


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