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First-Trimester Eating Plan

Making big dietary changes isn’t always easy. While some people seem to have the innate ability to eat a healthy balanced diet and in just the right amounts… some of us need some help. Especially during an important time like pregnancy, it’s so important to make sure that we’re not only eating the right amounts so that we don’t gain too much or too little weight, we also have to make sure we’re getting all the nutrients that we need.
We can figure this all out manually, but it’s really time-consuming, so I’ve turned to a website that does a lot of the calculations for me.

As I mentioned in a previous post, at this point in my pregnancy I’m still eating about 1600 calories and I try to split it up into five 250-350 calorie meals. While this isn’t always difficult to do, if I feel like I’m not getting enough variety or I’m stuck in a rut, I will often turn to for inspiration.

As a side note… Eat This Much is a great resource, and you can use it absolutely free. You can select the type of diet that you follow (paleo, vegetarian, vegan, atkins/keto, mediterranean), an approximate price limit, and  any exclusions. It then provides you with a meal plan for the day, with recipes, macros and detailed nutrition stats.

There is a paid option ($9 per month) that lets you plan out a whole week, keep a “pantry” so that it pulls recipes that you have all the ingredients for and leftover planning, among other things. These are great features, but completely not necessary to get started. They do let you try it out for free for 14 days if you’re curious.

So what am I actually eating? Here’s a little peek.

First-Trimester Eating planI’m still eating my easy everyday oats for breakfast most days. They’re portable and convenient and require minimal preparation time.
I’ve also started packing more fresh fruits and vegetables to work with me. I also love soups and salads; they’re portable and easy to reheat (or not) and eat with minimal extra work.

I still plan as much of my diet as I can as vegan and gluten free, but as I mentioned before, I tend to eat what my boyfriend eats in the evening when he’s home, so my dinners do not always look like they do in the photo above.

That’s all for the time being. While the change won’t be too big, I’ll be posting another meal plan in a couple of months. Once I’m well into my second trimester, we can take a look at just how much has changed.

What are your favourite vegan, gluten-free easy meals? Leave me your comments down below!


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