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Tour my Favourite Jewelry

In the corner of my closet-room, I have a small jewelry armoire. While my collection isn’t the biggest, I have a couple of really nice or really special pieces that I wanted to share today. My favourite jewelry isn’t necessarily the most expensive pieces, but the ones with the best memories attached to them. I’ll also touch on the storage that I have, what I like about it, and what I wish I had considered when I picked it out in the first place.

Favourite Jewelry ArmoireThis is my jewelry storage. It’s not too large and it has a generous mirror. It sits easel-style, leaning back on a prop, which is cute, but not the most practical. At a glance, I like the way it looks. It’s only on closer inspection that it starts to let me down. I picked it up at a discount because it was the floor model, but I didn’t realise that the glass was hazy, not just dirty. I have never been able to fix this. And while it does offer a lot of storage for earrings and rings, the space that is offered for necklaces and bracelets is a little bit less than I would like. It also requires a lot of space. Because the mirrors slide out in either direction, it doesn’t do well in corners and needs quite a bit of space on either side to fully open.

Favourite Jewelry Favourite JewelryLooking back, I wish I had chosen something that was more of a chest style. Four feet on the floor would add stability, and having drawers and a regular hinged door would mean that it would require less space. The trade-off here, though, is that I would lose the big mirror. While they’re more than twice the price, I’m actually in love with these two pieces from Hives and Honey. (I couldn’t choose!) I’d love to pick one of these pieces up in the near future.

I also wanted to show you some of my favourite jewelry. I have a couple of pieces that I absolutely love. With the exception of one piece, none of them are expensive.  I only just started investing in more quality pieces, after having built most of my collection with costume jewelry.

I have two favourite rings. One is my engagement ring (obviously!) I don’t even think I need to explain why. I mentioned it back around my birthday, and I found something similar HERE. The other favourite is one that I really don’t wear anymore because it’s so small. My grandparents got this ring for me on a trip to Mexico the year I was born. I can slip it on my pinky, but it just doesn’t feel too secure, so I mostly keep it tucked away.

I also want to show two favourite necklaces. The first was a gift from a good friend from back in college. We have since lost touch, but this necklace is absolutely precious to me. It’s handmade and so beautiful. I also have a couple of pairs of earrings, one set that is a perfect match. The other necklace was my very first designer jewelry purchase. It’s a Star of David in the 12mm size that I purchased from Tiffany’s a few years ago. While I’m not really religious anymore, it’s still a very special piece.

I’m not a really big bracelet person, I prefer a watch and fitness tracker, and I did damage my ears from stretching them when I was younger. I do still have a good collection of earrings, though. But… In order for me to wear any of them, I have to use some special tape. Because of this, I don’t wear earrings as often as I would like. I do have a few standout pieces from a brand called Orrous & Co. While I wouldn’t necessarily consider them my favourite jewelry, they’re really nice, inexpensive pieces that look quite classy.

Do you have any favourite jewelry? How do you store it all? I’d love to see your photos! Leave me a comment or tag me on social media!


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