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Drinking Too Much Water?!

You know this.
Water is so important, for so many reasons. But are you drinking enough? Or are you drinking too much? While you can drink as much as you want, within reason, of course, the idea that every person needs eight glasses a day is not accurate and if you are stressing yourself over an arbitrary number, it’s time to set your fears to rest!

So first and foremost, how much do you need to drink? Eight 250ml glasses of water make a total of two litres. Which is pretty safe and standard, but you may need more, or you may not need that much at all.

This website has a handy little calculator that takes your weight, height, exercise and environment into account. Obviously, if you exercise and sweat more, you need to replace that water, and if you’re sedentary, you will not need as much as you are losing much less water, but also, if you’re in a cool climate, you will not need as much water as you would in a hot or very cold climate.

Also, while some drinks are more diuretic (make you lose water) than others, they still all count! If you drink 5 large cups of green tea at work every day (me!) You don’t need to count all of your water on top of that. Your food counts too! If you had a big serving of watermelon or a bowl of soup for lunch, there’s water in there too.

Basically, don’t worry too much about it. If you’re drinking, eating and peeing enough, you’re probably doing fine! I know that for a while I was drinking three litres of water a day, on top of everything else, and even though this can be great short-term to flush your insides out, it was not sustainable for the long term. I was making WAY too many trips to the bathroom. There really is no magic number. Everything you eat, drink and do and even where you live will change how much water you need, so just make sure you’re eating and drinking well, you feel good, and your urine is pale.

How much do you drink in a day? Do you go with the flow, or is there a particular number you try to stick to? Leave me a comment!


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