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Dealing with Feeling Down

Antepartum Depression

In my last pregnancy update, I talked about how I was feeling pretty down. I’m tired and feel a bit underappreciated, and everything as just started to really get to me. Even with my medication, things are tough for me right now. The thing is, not many people talk about antepartum depression. There’s this idea …

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June Goal Setting

June Goal Setting

So… May… I don’t think I’ve done too well, again. I feel as though overall I have just been lacking in energy and motivation. We’ve been having some difficult stuff going on over the last month, so I think that’s taken a toll on my ability to get things done. So I didn’t set a …

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Losing a Pet

Losing a pet

I wanted to write a quick post about dealing with losing a pet. We lost our blue tang last week, and now that I’ve had a bit of time to process everything, I’m ready to talk about it. While I don’t talk too much about my family, in this situation it’s relevant. Besides my husband, …

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May Goal Setting

Hey, April! I feel like I did a bit better this month, although still not quite as well as I’d have liked. I definitely still need to figure out a way to be more active, which is my biggest struggle right now. My blogging has been going really well, though, so I’m happy to say that …

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April Goal Setting

March was not a very productive month. I’m not going to lie. I don’t think I hit any of my goals 100%, but I do feel like I can cut myself a little bit of slack, as I was sick for almost the entire month. I also wrote this post and kind of forgot about it, …

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Drinking Too Much Water?!

You know this. Water is so important, for so many reasons. But are you drinking enough? Or are you drinking too much? While you can drink as much as you want, within reason, of course, the idea that every person needs eight glasses a day is not accurate and if you are stressing yourself over …

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March Goal Setting

I want to get in the habit of setting some goals for myself every month. In part, in order to keep myself accountable for the goals that I set for myself in January, but also because I know that I am much more likely to get things done if I write them down and spend …

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Eating Disorders & Pregnancy Weight

Eating Disorders and Pregnancy Weight

Eating disorders. This has been the hardest thing to deal with in my pregnancy so far. As a former binge eater, it was really easy to fall back into old habits. I could justify them with the idea that I’m no longer on a diet. The reality is that more than 99% of women who …

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Weight Loss Diet to Pregnancy

Today is your last chance to enter my giveaway! If you haven’t entered, get your name in now, it’s not too late! Today’s post is really about how I switched my diet over when I discovered that I was pregnant. If you saw the diet plan that I was following at the time, you would …