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Fitbit Alta Review

If you’ve followed me for a while, then you’ll know it’s no secret that I love my fitness trackers. I’ve tested quite a few of them, and I currently have one review on one of the trackers from the Fossil Q line. There will also be a review on the Jawbone Up3 soon. Today’s review …

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Drinking Too Much Water?!

You know this. Water is so important, for so many reasons. But are you drinking enough? Or are you drinking too much? While you can drink as much as you want, within reason, of course, the idea that every person needs eight glasses a day is not accurate and if you are stressing yourself over …

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First-Trimester Eating Plan

Making big dietary changes isn’t always easy. While some people seem to have the innate ability to eat a healthy balanced diet and in just the right amounts… some of us need some help. Especially during an important time like pregnancy, it’s so important to make sure that we’re not only eating the right amounts …

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Weight Loss Diet to Pregnancy

Today is your last chance to enter my giveaway! If you haven’t entered, get your name in now, it’s not too late! Today’s post is really about how I switched my diet over when I discovered that I was pregnant. If you saw the diet plan that I was following at the time, you would …

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Weight Loss Update #3

Hello, hello! January has been a great month! Something about the new year is so motivating, even though I started my weight loss a few months ago, starting fresh in 2017 was a great way to get me going even more… or so I thought. I had been slacking a lot at the gym for …

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Pursuing Your Dreams

For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a model. Maybe not quite, actually… first I wanted to be a pop-star-veterinarian-ballerina, but once I became somewhat realistic with what I wanted out of life. I was a chubby kid, though. And because of my ADD, I never stuck with anything for long …

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Birthday Haul! (I’m engaged!)

I know this is the second gift haul that I’ve done recently. If you love seeing these, that’s great for you! If you hate them, good news! I don’t have another birthday until next year, and Christmas is a long way away too! Like I said last time, this is not supposed to be a …

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Fossil Q Dreamer Review

I’ve had the Fossil Q for about a month and a half now, and I wanted to talk about it. It was a bit of an impulse buy, as I had originally only picked one up for my father, but the deal was great and it looked really pretty.

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Happy Hauliday 2016

I know that not everyone loves this type of post, but I totally do. It’s not a showing off thing, it’s more like show&tell. It gives you a glimpse into some of the new things I have at home and what I’m excited about. Also, if you see anything you want to know more about, that …

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How I’m Losing Weight -Fitness

A couple of weeks ago I talked about what I have been eating to lose weight. It’s not for everyone, I eat basically the same thing every day, it’s a simple plan that allows me to know exactly what’s next and that is extremely easy to follow. There’s not much prep to do.