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The Science Behind SPF

The Science Behind SPF

Since summer is pretty much here, I wanted to talk a little bit about sunscreen. We all know that we should be wearing it, and we know that it protects us from getting sunburned. How does it really work though? Is the idea that more SPF is better, really the right idea, or are you …

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Tour my Favourite Jewelry

In the corner of my closet-room, I have a small jewelry armoire. While my collection isn’t the biggest, I have a couple of really nice or really special pieces that I wanted to share today. My favourite jewelry isn’t necessarily the most expensive pieces, but the ones with the best memories attached to them. I’ll …

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Getting Microbladed

Quite a few months ago now, I had my first appointment to get my eyebrows microbladed. Today we are going to discuss the procedure and results. We will also touch on the fact that I did this while pregnant. DISCLAIMER: I am not advocating that you get any form of tattoo or permanent makeup while pregnant. …

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Updated Clio Kill Cover Cushion Review

Clio Kill Cover Founwear Cushion Review Ingredients

I wanted to redo my original review on the Clio Kill Cover Liquid Founwear Cushion. I purchased it from back in October of 2016 and have used it on and off since then. It is a high coverage yet still lightweight cushion. I originally purchased the darkest shade, 4-BO Ginger, which was a pretty …

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Samantha Vega x Sailor Moon

Samantha Vega Sailor Moon Fake Luna Backpack

I made a little mistake not too long ago, and I bought a backpack on eBay. The limited edition Luna backpack from the Isetan X Sailor Moon 20th anniversary collection. Now, I know there are a TON of fakes, but I thought I had done enough research. I obviously avoided the really cheap deals, because …

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NEW Tarte Highlighter – Stunner

Tarte Highlighter Stunner

In my most recent Sephora Haul, I picked up a sample size of the new Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Highlighter in Stunner. I recently smashed my Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, so I wanted to try something new. I still love the Becca highlighter, but so far I think I prefer the Tarte highlighter just …