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April Top 5

It’s already May! I can barely believe it! The weather is beautiful, the sakura have bloomed (and started to fall), we’re getting outside a lot more, and the outdoor events and festivals are starting to happen. I think this is truly my favourite time of year. I’ve been doing my makeup a lot more this month, yay! And although I haven’t purchased a lot of new products, there are a few things I’m excited to talk about. These are my April top 5.

1. Zara Gathered Sleeve Spring Jacket

I’ve been looking all over but it seems that this is no longer on the website. I’m sorry! (Update: I found it. I don’t know why I couldn’t find it before). I picked it up a month or two ago. This jacket is so beautiful, though. It’s just so flattering on my current figure, but it’s a versatile enough shape that I won’t feel like it doesn’t fit when I’m not pregnant anymore. It’s not technically maternity anyways. I love the cute bubble sleeves and the empire waistline makes it feel fun and fresh. Perfect for spring and summer.


Shu Uemura AntiOxi April top 52. Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Cleansing Oil

Not too long ago I purchased a bottle of the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, and I enjoyed it a lot. I like trying different things and do not regret my purchase. However. I went back to my Shu Uemura cleansing oil, and I really don’t know why I ever stopped using it.
The prices for the two are quite similar, but the Shu Uemura feels far more luxurious. It feels a touch more gentle on the skin, has more added skincare benefits and is just as effective at removing dirt and makeup. I’m sure I will keep trying new products, but I will definitely always come back to this one. It’s truly a “holy grail” product for me.
While it’s not the most affordable product to purchase in the smaller sizes, if you know you love it and you are prepared to commit to the large bottle, it’s a surprisingly good value and it will last you a very long time.


3. Tony Moly Gel EyelinerTony Moly Eyeliner April top 5

This stuff is incredible. Not only does it work really well, it’s incredibly affordable! I avoided gel eyeliner for quite a long time because I had a few that dried out on me and I remembered them being hard to use. Plus, especially since I pack a lot of my makeup around with me, I didn’t love the idea of having to carry around an extra brush (that would get dirty). This guy has the brush built into the cap and so far has stayed a great consistency for several months. Plus, the shape of the brush, while totally different from what I’m used to, is actually fairly easy to use.
As far as lasting power, I have had no issue with it at all. It stays all day, even on the waterline, and I have had no problem with it flaking or smudging.


4. Pentax K50Pentax K50 April top 5

Not exactly media, but it’s for making media, so does that count for anything?
I have been playing around a lot with my new camera, and while it’s not the easiest thing to work with, I’m really enjoying it. While it’s not my first DSLR camera, there’s always a bit of a learning curve. Plus, this is the first time that I’m really trying to learn how everything works instead of just pointing and shooting and hoping for the best.
K50 PinkAs a bonus, this camera is available in pink! I know not everyone cares, but this is exciting for some girly girls like me. I was really tempted to go this route, even though it would have been a bit more expensive, but I would have had to wait so long for it to arrive that in the end, I decided it wasn’t really worth it for me at the time. To be fair, I still might go for it once I have a bit of play money saved up. One of the reasons that I chose Pentax is because I have a small collection of vintage lenses from my father’s old 1975 KM.          Pink          Pink

5.Hayley PaigeHayley Paige April top 5

I stumbled across this lovely lady’s YouTube not too sometime this month. I think I was looking for ideas for branding and optimising my blog, and she had a playlist with a lot of useful information.
It turns out that she’s just about everything I want my blog and eventual youtube channel to be. She has a good mix of vlogs and lifestyle videos, plus some beauty and fashion content as well. She’s a lot of fun, so if you haven’t seen her content you should really check her out!

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It’s been a good month. I’m glad that things are going back to normal. What do you think? What are your top 5 right now? Let me know in a comment or tag me on social media!


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