26 Week Pregnancy Update

26 Weeks Pregnant

June is here and I’m 26 weeks pregnant now. I’ve been feeling a bit more tired this past week, but overall my stress levels aren’t as bad as they have been. I guess that means that things are going better. I have so many appointments coming up it’s crazy, but I’m almost at the point where I’m going to start filing for maternity leave. At least once that’s done I will be able to worry less. I feel as though I wind up missing so much work either coming in late or leaving early.

How far along? 26 weeks 1 day

How big is Baby? 36 cm / .8 kg

Total weight gain/loss? 

Maternity clothes? As before, nothing much has changed. I only have one pair of maternity pants, and I don’t wear them every day. My Tummy Trimmer Denim is holding up really well, and since I purchased them a couple of sizes larger than I normally would, I feel like they may just last me the rest of this pregnancy.

Stretch marks? Still nothing yet. I’m making a conscious effort to remember to oil myself at least once a day and it seems to be paying off. I didn’t get any last time though, either.

Sleep? I’m getting plenty of sleep, but I’ve been so tired this week. It may be because we were bingeing on a new show (Ajin on Netflix). I’ve also been getting up a not earlier. But overall, I’m sleeping a lot and I’m tired a lot.

Best moment this week? Somehow managing to fix my car without really doing anything at all. I just opened the hood, poked around and then closed it all up, and the squeaking has stopped. (It was a belt, probably, if you even care about car stuff).

Miss Anything? Not being flooded with ridiculous hormones. I just want to feel normal!

Movement? All the time. My bladder has become a tiny trampoline.

Food cravings? I don’t know if it’s a craving, but I want to go plant-based again. I felt a lot better when I was.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really.

Have you started to show yet? There’s no hiding this baby now!

Gender? It’s a boy!

Labor Signs? Nothing yet.

Belly Button in or out? In

Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? I’m actually just feeling pretty blah. Not great, not bad.

Looking forward to? Getting stable again and then being able to take some time off work. I’m not physically incapable, but I just feel really “done”.

How do you deal with things when you just feel done with it all? My mental health hasn’t been the greatest recently and I know that I need to do something about it soon. Leave me a comment or tag me on social media and I’ll talk to you soon!


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