25 Week Pregnancy Update

25 Weeks Pregnant

I can’t remember if it’s at 25 weeks pregnant exactly, but we have reached the point of “viability”! While I am in no way concerned about preterm labour at this point, it is something that will start to concern me in the near future. In case you didn’t know, my first son was born at 35 weeks and stayed two weeks in the nursery before he was allowed to go home. So while it’s not an “automatically safe” number, hitting 25 weeks pregnant does do a little bit to reassure me that things are going well. We’re also getting pretty close to the third trimester! I’ll feel even better then.

How far along? 25 weeks 1 day

How big is Baby? 34 cm / .7 kg

Total weight gain/loss? I haven’t looked. I’m too scared!

Maternity clothes? I’m actually packing more and more things away because I know I’m just not going to be able to wear them until next summer.

Stretch marks? None yet, but I haven’t been oiling up as much as I probably should be. I think it’s time to start getting on that!

Sleep? I go back and forth a lot with my sleep. Last week I was feeling pretty uncomfortable, and this week sleep has actually been pretty easy. Hubby actually started getting up at 5:30 for work, and while I don’t fully get up with him, I do wake up and use the extra time for myself. Considering that I’m awake an hour earlier than I usually would be, I’m actually feeling pretty good.

Best moment this week? Totally pregnancy UN-related, but we were given a 150-gallon saltwater tank setup. For free. It’s been a dream to upgrade our little nano tank, both for us and for our fish; it will be much better for them. Unfortunately, we have an expensive hobby, and there’s no way we could have afforded this setup in the near future.

Miss Anything? This week it was feeling physically useful. Don’t misunderstand me, I work a full-time job, run this blog, do the vast majority of the housework and the cooking, plus I take care of most of the pets. (Just not the bird. She doesn’t like me much). I know I am useful. I just miss being able to do physical things without people worrying about me. I’ve been working hard on decluttering and moving stuff around, (I’m getting no help here) but as soon as it comes to moving a box full of stuff… I’m just going to roll my eyes and leave it at that.

Movement? He’s kicking me as I type. Hubby still hasn’t felt him move though. He thinks he has, but it was just gas.

Food cravings? Not really cravings, but I want to eat plant-based again! I let things go when I got pregnant because I was so sick and exhausted at first, but I really don’t feel great about the way I’m eating. If I could only get Hubby on board… (that will never happen)

Anything making you queasy or sick? I think that’s long gone. Aside from the weight gain and the kicking, I feel completely normal.

Have you started to show yet? I feel as though I shrunk. It’s pretty strange. I remember looking in the mirror over the last few weeks and thinking I looked really pregnant. I looked again recently and combined with my Tummy Trimmer Denim, I feel like I’m back in that “slightly thick” stage.

Gender? It’s a little boy, and we have a name! (It’s a secret, though).

Labor Signs? Nope. No. No way!

Belly Button in or out? In

Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? This week has been difficult. Actually, the last few have. Lately, I just feel undervalued and unappreciated. I work a full-time job, plus this blog, and I run a household. Literally, I am moving all day, plus I’m making a baby! Hubby comes home from work, showers, sleeps, watches TV and complains that he’s tired. We’ve been short on cash, so he suggests selling a few things he doesn’t need on Craigslist. Great! Except his idea of selling something on Craigslist is giving it to me to sell. If I complain, I’m not being supportive, if I ask for help, he either does the minimum and disappears again. I love this man, I’m just a bit frustrated. I think I’m just pretty moody.

Looking forward to? Clearing out all of the crap from the house and starting “fresh”. I don’t really think that I experienced it last time but I think I may be nesting? I’m really enjoying the way these impulses have been taking me, though.

Did your relationships change when you were pregnant? Am I crazy that I have this strange desire to strangle my husband? Please let me know that I’m not completely alone in this! If you can relate, leave me a comment or tag me on social media!


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