22 Week Pregnancy Update

22 Weeks Pregnant

Whoo! 22 weeks pregnant already. Time is flying by faster than I thought possible. I can’t believe we’re already in May. If this baby is as excited to come into the world as my last one, we could be having a baby in 13 weeks! That only takes us to late July! It’s actually been a bit of a sad week. We lost our blue tang on Wednesday evening, which was totally unexpected, and now our urchin is looking a little bit off. I’m hoping we can get things under control soon.

How far along? 22 weeks 1 day

How big is Baby?  28 cm / 454  g

Total weight gain/loss? I’m up 15 lbs. I weighed myself this morning. That’s a little more than I had been hoping for 🙁 Hopefully, it will balance itself out over the next few weeks.

Maternity clothes? Mostly dresses since the weather has begun cooperating with me. I’m still wearing the Tummy Trimmer Denim, but have also graduated to proper maternity pants when I need them.

Stretch marks?  So far so good. Nothing yet, and I’m hoping I get away with none this time around, too.

Sleep? Aside from the multiple pee breaks, I’m sleeping relatively well.

Best moment this week? Not really pregnancy related, but we were gifted an older, but still higher end protein skimmer for our nano tank. This will most likely help with the issue that killed our fish and is making our urchin sick. It was a really nice feeling to be on the receiving end of this genuine act of kindness.

Miss Anything? A nice glass of wine. I’ve found decent fake beer, and I don’t miss mixed drinks as much (plus there are usually virgin options available), but a decent dealcoholized wine has eluded me. They all taste so bad…

Movement? All the time! I’m still waiting for hubby to be able to feel a kick, though,

Food cravings? Right now, like at the moment that I’m writing this, I want a stuffed crust pizza. I’m not sure why other than that I saw a flyer for pizza hut in the kitchen at work when I went to reheat my lunch.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope. Everything is pretty good.

Have you started to show yet? There’s no avoiding it. The bump is 110% there. I can still easily disguise it with baggy clothing, though.

Gender? We still don’t know! Only one more week for our appointment! But I took a couple of quizzes online and they all seem to point towards it being a little girl!

Labor Signs? Nothing yet, stay in there baby! I’m not ready for another preemie! 

Belly Button in or out? In

Rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time? Happy! other than the sad and stressful times we’ve been having with our fish tank recently.

Looking forward to? Finding out the gender! Finally, please! I can’t wait to do some shopping and getting some cute little baby things. Especially if it’s really a little girl since I’ve never shopped for one before.

Anyone expecting or have children? If you’re expecting or have babies, did you find out the gender? While surprises are fun, I think I’d drive myself crazy if I couldn’t plan ahead for this baby. Tell me a story in the comments! I’d love to chat with some other mamas!


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